Founder and Chief Motivational Officer

Monique is a Clinical Psychology graduate of Columbia University with over 20 years of consulting experience in the United States and abroad.  As an INTJ, with an eye for finding deficiencies and knack for solving problems, she provides a solution to adolescents and families who need a wholistic approach to personal, spiritual, academic and career decisions.

She is involved in the community, always volunteering or giving support to those who need it, and enjoys advising high school clubs, coaching girls’ sports or chairing parent education committees. As a member of the American Psychological Association, her research interests focus on cognition, motivation and behaviour.


In-House Teen

Speaking for Teens and Young Adults

As a “third-culture kid”, Miette has gained early exposure navigating international business and academic environments.  Highly-sensitive, gifted and a multilingual empath, she understands how teens' social, familial and personal worlds effect well-being. 

Miette is sought out by her peers for inspirational academic advisement, social-emotional counseling and interpersonal mediation.